Saturday, October 22, 2005

One Proud Kitty

Not me. My cat, Chantilly! She is about 12 years old and brought home her first real kill. She's presented me with moths and cicadas before, but this was her first "big game." It turns out that what I thought was a mouse hole near the base of my bird feeder was actually a vole. I have not noticed any plant or root damage in the gardens (yet) - so I think this guy was a relatively new addition.

Of course, I then had to heap much praise on Chantilly and give her extra treats. All the while pretending I was not thoroughly revolted by the stiff carcass on my backstep and figuring out how to dispose of it. My answer: several layers of plastic garbage bags and the construction dumpster down the road.

On a lighter note, the morning was spent putting in bulbs (donated by the Takoma Horticulture Club) and perennials (donated by various parishioners) at St. Michael's Church in downtown Silver Spring, MD. It was a cold, wet morning, but the rain held off as a light drizzle and we got everything in within one hour. Thanks to all who came and helped out! Can't wait to see over 200 daffodils in bloom next April along the church's rose border. I'll take pictures next spring and post here.

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