She's a Peach

This perfect color combination opened up in my garden yesterday. Wish I could say I planned it that way. The garden faeries must have done it, for I don't recall planting it -- certainly not on purpose. If only I could remember the names of this peach tulip and peach-cupped daffodil so I could purchase more and repeat the happy accident in adjacent planting beds.


Erica Smith said…
Hee, I just read a similar post elsewhere this morning:

Of course I always remember everything I plant, ha ha ha... that is a pretty combo, though!
Hi Erica -

I went over to read Carol's May Dreams post and indeed many of us busy gardeners in /garden bloggers are in the same boat -- no time for careful records, but hey, at least we got the bulbs in the ground before winter set in, right? :-)

PS We Identified the tulips as 'Apricot Beauty' that I ordered from Jerry at -- now to figure out those daffs.
Daffodils are 'Salome' -- mystery solved!

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