Orchids: A View from the East

Earlier this week, I taped a fun radio segment at the orchid exhibit at the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum. Listen to the "Amazing Epiphytes" segment on WAMU's Metro Connection show here.

Here is the segment description:

For the 18th year, the Smithsonian Gardens and the United States Botanic Garden are presenting their annual orchid exhibition, from Jan. 29 through April 24. Rebecca Sheir walks through the exhibit with two self-professed "orchid nerds": Washington Gardener Magazine's Kathy Jentz and the Smithsonian's Tom Mirenda. She learns about epiphytic orchids, which can hang in the air, so to speak, and still thrive.
A photo gallery of some of the exhibit's orchids is posted here. Pictured here are Smithsonian orchid specialist Tom Mirenda and WAMU Metro Connection producer Rebecca Sheir.


Eva said…
I heard you! Was it on Friday?
Hi - Yes, on Friday, repeated Saturday, now archived for anyone onthe Net to access at wamu.org.
Jenny said…
Got to see the exhibit about a week ago. Very interesting and beautiful.

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