Plant a Wildflower In Memory of a Great Lady

Here is an online link to this week's Top 5 Home & Garden Events listing on page 29 of today's print edition in the Washington Examiner.

I would be remiss today if I did not note the passing of Lady Bird Johnson and say just a bit about her legacy. She was a little before my time so I don't have direct knowledge of her to write on. Reading up on her history, I see that she was a little ahead of most people of her own time as well! Her efforts to be environmentally aware and add some green to our Nation's capitol city along with wildflower plantings in 40 states were laughed at and she was treated in a patronizing manner by many. The reality is, her work was significant and has a lasting impact on the lives of millions. How many of us can say that? Even other First Ladies?

The picture I used above was borrowed from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. I've used them as resources for articles in the past and I can't tell you how helpful their staff has been. I hope you will all visit them whenever you are in Austin and show your support of their ongoing mission.

This reminds me that I have a column idea for the magazine that will profile those Washingtonians who are not currently with us, but who have left us with wonderful additions to our local gardening scene. Once ad sales are up and I can add more editorial pages, this is tops of my list.


Anonymous said…
Have you noticed the lovely patch of low growing plants in the small corner of the intersection of Forest Glen and Seminary Roads near the RR crossing in Silver Spring? Recently someone placed a small sign saying "Thank you Ladybird" among the bright yellow blooms. This beautiful spot was developed and is maintained by our neighbor, Connie, and her friends. Another bright spot on our asphalt is on Forest Grove Drive and maintained by neighbors there.
You know I usually pass there after dark on way to Strathmore or White Flint so I don't think I've ever noticed those plantings - I'll make a point to get over there in the next few weeks and this time during daytime!

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