New Issue Out

The July/August issue of Washington Gardener Magazine is out and mailed. It actually hit the streets on Sunday, but this being a holiday week things get pushed back. (USPS - grrr!) This one features Groundcovers. Specifically, how to replace that water, energy, and time-sucking turfgrass lawn. Although there are a few items in here for those who still want to groom a grass expanse.

How to purchase a copy? You can subscribe and start with this issue. You can also order just this one issue, if you prefer, via our web site, direct from us by sending a check in the mail, or you can see us in person at one of our upcoming event appearances. The issue is also available for purchase at local stores including the USNA Arbor House, Alchemy, Politics & Prose, and DC-area Borders, B. Dalton. and Barnes & Noble stores. We hope to be in Olsson's andthe Brookside Gardens gift shop shortly as well.

Happy Reading! I'm taking a few days break this weekend - I think my first pure vacation in at least 2 years. Chat with you when I'm back.


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