My Ears Are Burning

The Metro Connections radio show segment "Say Goodbye to Turf Grass Lawns" is now airing. I know this because my web site subscriptions are currently spiking. You can listen to it now at this link. (Note: link may move their archives after a few days. In that case, search for it at I myself will not be listening to it -- is there anything more heinous than the sound of one's own recorded voice? I suppose I SHOULD do so as we talked and taped for a good 30 minutes or so. For learning purposes, I really need to see what was edited out and what was left in. I trust the pros there though that they did a fair and entertaining job. I think the direct increase in subscriptions after the segment airs attests to that.

This weekend is the Montgomery County Farm Tour. I'm planning on getting to a few of the upcounty farms to take photos of the pick-your-own flower fields, bee hives, and such. I'm meeting my nieces at an animal rescue farm where I know I'll be seduced into wanting to adopt ALL of the furry and feathered ones right then and there. I think I've been brain-washed by too many viewings of Rex Harrison's Dr. Doolittle when we know the reality is a lot of feeding and pooper-scooping with a lot less singing and dancing. Anybody got a spare Great Pink Sea Snail I can move into?


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