I'll Trade You Boardwalk For Park Place

Spent Saturday at the Kenilworth Waterlily Fest -- what a glorious day weather-wise and a great turn out too. Here is a link to a few of the pictures Chip of GlobalWorming Worm Tea took there. I'm hoping the park rangers will take my suggestion to organize an annual waterlily plant sale day to benefit the park. They can easily divide and sell their fabulous (but overcrowded) hardy waterlily collection to kill two birds with one stone. I can just imagine the turnout should folks get wind of it and we added a nice water garden vendor sales area. Sunday I spent with family and catching up on chores including grabbing a few 75% off plants at Kmart. Hell, they are a bit ragged and dried out, but I can't resist a bargain!

Today I was at WAMU taping a "Metro Connection" radio interview that will air with them on Friday I believe. It was a lively conversation about our current cover story on turfgrass alternatives. I expect to get some flack back on this one from the "Lawn Nazis." The tone of the piece was good-natured fun so I really don't think many should take offense though you never know what can set some people off.

Tomorrow I'm off to PANTS to see the latest plant introductions, meet-and-greet with some fellow garden writers, and see if I can't drum up interest in a few ad sales for the magazine. I haven't been up to Atlantic City (pictured above) in a few years so this will also be a chance to see if things have improved any. No offense to AC, but as I recall anything off the hotel strip area was pretty sketchy.


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