Gardening By Moonlight

Here is a link to a short piece on squeezing in gardening with a busy work-life in today's Washington Post Business section. Vickie had interviewed me for this earlier this week and I wasn't expecting to see it in print so quickly. Hey, they may not give me a feature story in the Home section, but I'm slowly nibbling at the edges ;-).

I just heard from a reader who bought a camper's or miner's light -- the type that is built into a headband - so they can garden after dark. (I think I've seen them in the LLBean catalog.)

Now I myself have been known to curse the shortened days of fall. I'm out there looking like a kook, flailing my arms about practically every 30 seconds to get my motion-sensitive outdoor lights to stay as I weed past 7:00pm in October. I haven't quite made the leap to buying equipment to enable staying out later. Hmm, that might have to go to my Christmas wish list.

I lifted the above picture from web site. It clearly shows how very similar gardening at night can appear to be DIY grave digging. "Who? Me? No officer, I'm just planting some seed garlic -- no dead bodies here -- nope, just us wild and crazy urban gardeners."


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