A Day in Photos

Happy Independence Day! ( Do NOT say "Happy 4th of July" around me - grrr!)

Thought I'd give you a few photos to stare at that chronicle my adventures so far today...

First, I attended the Takoma Park Independence Day holiday parade. I met up with Ed Bruske, Susan Harris, and Judy Tiger (formerly of GROW).
This gentleman gives you a little of the flavor of the parade participation. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Downtown Takoma Park is only a 15-minute walk from my house and is often called "Berkeley of the East."

Towards the end of the parade I hot-footed it over to the protest in support of our First Amendment Rights. Along the way I paused to snap this picture of a young robin. Even though he would not turn around for his close-up, I think you can still see his cool Mohawk and baby feather fluffs. Too cute.

At the peaceful protest, I spotted this lady with a marvelous sign. I think it says it all. I was sign-less myself, but I had my camera and a patriotic-themed outfit on. You'll see lots of reports on this event in the local media over the next day or so, so I'll leave my summary at that.
Then I headed home for some gardening. Here is my first "crop" of 'Sun Gold' cherry tomatoes. Impressive, no?
Okay, it is pretty paltry, though probably more than I'll eat in a week. I grow them more for the experience than the actual consumption. Wow, I just re-read that last sentence -- makes me sound like a spoiled rotten rich American. Growing edibles just as a hobby! Well, I'll join the rest of my spoiled rotten fellow citizens for the rest of the day in taking it easy and maybe checking out the local fireworks display.


Anonymous said…
Ok, now you're just trying to kill me. Look at those perky little tomatoes. There's no way they'd have made it back to the house if I had picked them. Poor, poor tomatoes.

Confession time: Not only did I NOT eat those 3 lovely tomatoes, but I left them by the kitchen sink and they rotted so no one got to enjoy them - not even the squirrels or birds. I'm self-inflicting 1,000 lashes as I type this. Next time, I'll box them up and Fed Ex to you in TX.

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