Buzzed About It

I'm excited to report saw my first hummingbird in the garden. It zipped by as I was out doing a bit of spot watering. He was coming from the direction of my trumpet creeper vine (Campsis radicans) so I assume that was what he had visited. Been five years growing this garden and I have a number of "hummingbird attracting" plants and even a syrup feeder for them so it is nice to finally witness one out there. May this be the start of a new trend. Hummingbird Photo courtesy of USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.


Anonymous said…
Hope you get lots of hummingbirds. On my family's camping vacations, it's a major form of entertainment to watch them try to fight and out fox each other getting to the feeders. Feisty little beggers.

I hear the males can be kinda "in your face" macho aggressive and territorial - but after the mockingbird attacks I think I can handle a few buzz-bys.

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