Smile for the Camera

Just a reminder of our Open Garden from 4-8 pm here tomorrow, Thursday, 6/21, in observance of the Summer Solstice. Details on the front page of our web site.

We have some additional goodies for this event. I won't spoil all the surprises, but will tell you that Chip of GlobalWorming WormTea has brought over 2 cases of the garden elixir for giving out to our guests (first come, first served).

Speaking of Chip, my head almost popped off when I read on a local blog about the photographer who was barred from taking pictures at a nearby outdoor shopping area. Then a day later, Chip told me he was that photographer! Go here to read the full story. When did corporations get to control a public street and dictate its terms and usage!

The truly ironic thing is their stated reason for stopping Chip to: “Protect them from people who might want to use the photographs as part of a story in which they could write bad things about us.” Well, THAT worked out just terrifically, didn't it? I think that deserves an extended belly laugh or at least a self-satisfied snicker.

BTW I've taken plenty of photographs at Downtown Silver Spring over the past few years including this one here of my niece, Savannah, taking a cool dip in the water fountain. Security guard standing just a few feet away and not a word.


I delete a totally gibberish comment from this page. It was poted by "anonymous" and was just a string of random words ad symbols - seems rather pointless to take time a do this.

Yet one more example why I do not believe the Internet should allow Anonymous posting at all - if you can't sign your name to it, don't say it.

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