Rain Out

The Summer Solstice Open Garden last Thursday went really well - a good number of visitors and had some great conversations. Then the dark clouds moved in and an unpredicted rainstorm began. So that cut attendance dramatically, though a few folks stayed or arrived later. Here is one of the two pictures I took at the event. Both taken of the inside of my gazebo where it was nice and dry. This is of my dad and a young visitor who was more interested in empty juice bottles than garden flowers. I'm lucky I even got a chance to take those photos. Because of the weather bringing it to a premature ending, I'll definitely look at some date this fall to maybe hold a similar, but shorter event.

This weekend was one event after another from my nieces' first dance recital to helping out at the local yoga studio to a brunch with the new DC Urban Gardeners groups. On my nieces' stage debut, you haven't lived until you've seen 3+ hours of toddlers shaking their tushies and gangly teens hip-hop dancing. It was about an hour too long for me -- though there were some highlights (aside from my nieces' onstage brilliance!) like a "windowbox ballet" featuring beginner ballerinas dancing artfully with window frames and posing behind them. The finale was "Thriller" -- which was actually pretty entertaining -- who knew third-graders make great zombies!

After that busy weekend I have the GWA-DC regional meeting I'm co-hosting tomorrow and the APGA meeting this Thursday-Friday. I was also supposed to do a radio interview on Wednesday - though that looks to be rescheduled judging by a message I just received. Could use the time in-office if it is!


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