Hack and Slash

Continuing on in the Indiana Jones theme... this is exactly what I felt like over the past weekend of battling weeds and overgrown shrubs. I haven't gone the machete route yet, but don't think I wasn't coveting one I saw for sale at a small local hardware store. I mean, I'd like to have the time to examine each branch and prune with an artistic eye or a little more finesse -- frankly, that is just not realistic. Right now I'm just planting, weeding, and hacking back as fast as I can in prep for my Open Garden in 10 days. The gardens won't be Longwood-worthy, by any means. At this point, I just hope to have paths cleared and some gaps filled in before people arrive.

Today, I escaped the jungle for a few hours to tape a segment for Examiner soon as well. Back outside now to dig up some especially exasperating mulberry tree saplings that are sprouting up along my curb edges and any tiny sidewalk cracks they can find.


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