Enews Out & Disappointing Turnouts

The Washington Gardener Enews June 15 issue went out on Friday and is now archived here for all to read. This issue includes a new Reader Contest for a hardy banana tree we are testing for our region. Also in it is our Open Garden invite, tips for creating a backyard wildlife habitat (for example the baby cardinal at left), a June to-do list, and much more.

In other news, we've had to cancel our trip to Longwood Gardens on Tuesday due to lack of registrations. We made the decision this morning. I'm really disappointed hat we could not get at least 20 folks to go but we are planning other trips and trying to see how we can make it work.

The Tree-iage day at Brookside Gardens yesterday was gorgeous. Wish we had more of a crowd though - despite lots of press and notice - the people just did not turn out as expected. Too bad as it was a great program and I even had fun making an herb garden planter at the Home Depot booth. I think that maybe trees are just not that sexy of a subject and many people choose to spend the glorious day working in their own gardens. I know as soon as I got home I wasted no time in getting out there to weed and plant as it was one of the few days in our whole DC weather year with mild temps (not too hot, not to cool), no rain, and low humidity.


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