New Issue Out

Yippee! The Nov/Dec issue is now in the mail to our subscribers and I have a quantity of extra issues available for purchase*. I love the little guy on the cover -- he just has so much personality. Lee Duer of the Wild Bird Center in Waldorf, MD, took the cover photo and the bird photos inside this issue. He is a person who truly loves what he does for a living and has a real affection for animals. Being a huge animal-fan myself, it is easy to assume everyone else is as well. I'm always shocked when I meet people and they say they "don't like animals" -- what does that mean??!! My brain just does not process that concept. What specifically about animals is the problem? Was there some childhood trauma? I just don't get it. I suppose the same thing goes for gardeners when we encounter folks who have no affection for green things. In my head when I meet animal or plant "haters", I always think, "Oh, they'll come around... eventually."

*You can purchase the individual copy by sending a check or money order for $4.99 to: Washington Gardener, 826 Philadelphia Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20910. Or better still take a year's subscription (6 issues) for $18.00. You can also subscribe via Paypal on our web site Remember we do gift subscriptions too and custom gift cards!


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