Monthly Enewsletter Sent Out

Washington Gardener enewsletter is an online newsletter that goes out free on the 15th of each month. The latest issue was just sent out yesterday and you can view it at:

Anyone can subscribe to it. Note the content of the enewsletter is completely different from that of our bimonthly magazine.

What drives me crazy is our enewsletter hosting service -- Overall, it is pretty good and I like the service much better than one I'd previously used -- However, when I request a specific posting time for the newsletter or tell it to "post now" -- it seems to send it out whenever the heck it feels like. So some of the issues - while sent out on the 15th, get stored in the archives dated as being sent on the 14th or 16th -- very frustrating for me as a publisher, but I guess there are worse things in life to worry about...


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