Health Eating Out The Window

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."
-Dori, Finding Nemo

This was my mantra this week. Okay, not "swimming" but "finish the magazine layout," finish the magazine layout." Now, it is safely deposited at the printer and I have a small window of breathing space before the blueline arrives.

I told everybody I'll be free "after the 20th" so what happened? I'm booked solid with all those postponed activities for the next 11 days -- such as community meetings, volunteering to do the church garden clean-up, visiting elderly friends, etc. When will I find time to update the subscriber mail list? Attend to my own garden? Go grocery shopping?

Did I mention I've been living the past 3-5 days on bologna sandwiches and ramen noodles -- not because I can't afford food, but because I just haven't gotten a chance to buy anything fresh. Last night, I took a break to attend the Takoma Horticulture Club meeting and brought a bag of candy corn to share. Then I consumed several donut holes. Now I feel the consequences -- sluggish and sugar low. You'd think at 37 I'd know better!

New goal: BEFORE the next magazine deadline, stock up on fresh fruits, veggies, etc. and make several meals that I can freeze in advance and heat-up as needed.


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