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GardenDC Podcast Episode 179: Why Winter Garden

In this episode of GardenDC: The Podcast about Mid-Atlantic Gardening, we talk with returning garden Marianne Willburn, garden book author and speaker, about gardening in the winter. The plant profile is on Aronia and we share what's going on in the garden as well as some upcoming local gardening events and garden tasks in the What's New segment. We close out with the Last Word on Creating a Healthy Dip by Christy Page of Green Prints.

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SHOW NOTES: 01:04 Re-introducing returning guest Marianne Willburn 01:52 “You’re going to try to convince me, the winter hater, the cold weather hater, why we should still garden in the winter” — host Kathy Jentz to Marianne 02:19 What Marianne’s been doing since her last appearance on the podcast 04:10 Marianne talks about how she eventually came to like winter gardening 07:26 The beauty of Mahonias 09:08 “You’ve got to be thinking in terms of layering” in the winter garden 09:36 It’s Witch Hazel season 12:03 Seed Exchanges at Brookside and Green Spring Gardens 12:34 “If you’re trying to decide which Witch Hazel is for you… Green Spring is the place to do it” 14:00 Marianne talks about how she suits up for her winter garden, “bundle up, buttercup!” 16:41 The best gloves for winter gardening 18:18 The short day-lengths make winter gardening miserable for Kathy 18:42 Winter is “best chance to be able to enjoy a sunrise without too much work on your part.” 21:23 “We have to change our perspective about what we're seeing out there…we should not be comparing it to the summer. It's a completely different animal” 23:00 Frigid temps effect phones plus taking photos 24:55 Marianne’s greenhouse 26:20 Local public gardens’ greenhouses 28:45 Kathy hates wind – another reason to not like winter gardening 28:56 “OK, I will give you that point. The wind is a deal breaker for me, that has not changed” — Marianne 30:50 For Marianne, wind chill was a new experience when she moved to the East Coast 31:55 Kathy presents a potential positive for wind – “let it wash over you and think of it as kind of like a shower, like it's blowing away all the negativity” 33:35 Changing our perception is key to many areas of life and to winter gardening 34:23 The earliest flowering things — Snowdrops and Eranthis 37:13 Early-flowering Daffodils 38:37 The earliest Native spring ephemerals – including Skunk Cabbage and Claytonia. 42:25 “When you start to just see the greening on the willows, especially the Weeping Willows...There's no better green in the world than that.” — Kathy 43:13 “It’s addictive, winter gardening, it really is” — Marianne 43:22 Climate change and milder winters – the El Niño winter 45:09 Bark texture, bark colors, bark patterns in the winter 46:03 Marianne list of book recommendations – Henry Mitchell’s “The Essential Earth Man,” Christopher Lloyd’s “Cuttings,” and Alan Lacey’s and Nancy Goodwin’s “A Year in Our Gardens” 50:10 Marianne’s #WhyWinterGarden challenge on Instagram @marianne.willburn 51:07 “I'm still counting the days down till springtime, but I think there's a slight crack in the ice – maybe” — Kathy on being only slightly convinced about winter gardening 52:22 Plant Profile: Aronia aka Red and Black Chokeberry 54:49 Check out January 2024. issue of Washington Gardener Magazine 55:47 Local gardening events to attend – the National Capital Orchid Society’s Annual Orchid Show at Homestead Gardens on February 16-18 and the 2024 Galanthus Gala in Downington, PA, on Saturday, March 2 56:47 Kathy Jentz’s book “Groundcover Revolution” 58:11 About the Discover the Netherlands Tour from April 16 - 25, 2024 59:20 Kathy Jentz’s book “The Urban Garden” 1:00:20 The Last Word on how-to embrace the holiday season with cookies and veggies

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Episode Credits:
Host and Producer: Kathy Jentz
Interview Edit and Show Notes: Hannah Zozobrado


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