Saturday, January 21, 2023

GardenDC Podcast Episode 134: Carex for the Mid-Atlantic Region

In this episode of GardenDC: The Podcast about Mid-Atlantic Gardening, we talk with Sam Hoadley, Manager of Horticultural Research at Mt. Cuba Center, all about Carex for the Mid-Atlantic Region. The plant profile is on Pink Muhly Grass and we share what's going on in the garden as well as some upcoming local gardening events in the What's New segment. We close out with Dr. Allan Armitage, who shares the Last Word on Common Sense Gardening.

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Show Notes:

01:15 Meet Sam Hoadley, Manager of Horticultural Research at Mt. Cuba Center. 03:17 Hoadley’s home garden is designed with wildlife in mind. 05:05 All about Mt. Cuba. 07:55 What is the Carex trial? 11:32 Mt. Cuba doesn’t neglect the plants during trial, but they almost do. 14:48 All Carex are sedges, but not all sedges are Carex. 15:27 “Sedges have edges, rushes are round, grasses have nodes from their tips to the ground.” 16:36 Carex aren’t known for ornamental flowers. 18:59 Carex won’t attract pollinators. 20:41 Some Carex species spread aggressively by rhizomes 21:16 Aggressive plants can be used to stabilize wet banks. 22:21 “Most species were well-behaved.” 24:22 Wood sedge were head and shoulders above the rest in the trial. 26:37 All about Straw Hat Carex. 28:06 Carex cherokeensis: “as close to evergreen as we got in the trial.” 31:48 Which Carex should I avoid cutting back? 34:53 Medium to large Carex. 40:13 Does Carex do well as a container plant? 41:10 “Very little issues with disease.” 43:07 Carex could be used for no-mow lawns. 46:30 “How many of us are playing rugby on our lawns anyway?” 48:12 What’s the next plant trial at Mt. Cuba? 49:06 How do I contact Hoadley? 49:47 Pink Muhly Grass: this week’s Plant Profile! 51:33 Garden Updates: primroses are blooming. 51:52 Upcoming events: Urban Trees 101; Galanthus Gala; Seed Exchange. 54:12 “Groundcover Revolution” by Kathy Jentz. 55:17 “The Urban Garden” by Kathy Jentz and Teri Speight 56:21 The Last Word on Common-sense Gardening from Dr. Allan Armitage.

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Episode Credits:
Host and Producer: Kathy Jentz
Show Notes: Jessica Harden


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