Toad Lily (Trycrytis): You Can Grow That!

One of my all-time favorite flowers, Toad Lily (Trycrytis), is a mainstay of the zone 5-8 shade garden in the fall.

likes moist conditions, but not standing water. This summer's drought left my plants a bit crispy around the edges, but did not effect the blooming rate. The flowers are stunningly beautiful, but not large, so place these plants in the middle or front of the border for best viewing.

After planting, they take virtually no care. You can fertilize them, though I have only ever thrown some leaf mulch around their base a few times a year and called it a day.

If you want to divide and share them with gardening friends or relocate them around your own garden, do so in early spring to let them settle in before the autumn bloom cycle.

The only other advice I can share is that they can get a bit tall and lanky, which makes them easy to knock over. Putting them near something they can lean on is a good idea and keeping them out of prevailing winds helps too. I have mine planted next to the base of my gazebo and against an old birdbath where they are happy to keep company with Solomon's Seal and Lungwort.

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