Friday, March 13, 2015

DC Gardens—Beyond Cherry Blossoms Campaign

Many of you may be aware by now of a new campaign in the form of a web site, whose goal is to raise awareness of gardening and gardens in the Washington, DC region. A group of us local gardening writers, spearheaded by Susan Harris of, have just launched DC Gardens—Beyond Cherry Blossoms. To fund our outreach efforts, we are seeking to raise $25,000 in donations through Indiegogo by April 13. Most of the funds raised will pay for a monthly email updates on garden-related events in our region and a coordinated social media campaign. We want to bring awareness to DC gardens to outside tourists as well as to hometown audiences. The web site will also identify local gardening information such as lists of great plant choices for our area, garden clubs, garden design sources and resources, etc.

Most of our local public gardens are limited in the promotions they can do for themselves. Some are hand-cuffed by local and federal government regulations. Others are limited by their resources -- lacking in funds, staff time, or expertise. We are seeking to step in and do what they cannot do for themselves -- create a hub for garden tourism and awareness in our region.

DC Gardens is a grassroots, independent media campaign using images of DC-area gardens by month to entice people to discover them. DC Gardens is also a hub of info that helps locals learn to garden and connect with the gardening and greening community.

Can you do me a favor today and sign up for the email list and make a small donation to the Indegogo campaign? To do both, please go to Please also pass along this post to your fellow gardening friends, garden clubs, plant societies, public garden "friends" groups, etc. You have my permission to use this text in gardening organization newsletters.

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