Friday, June 27, 2014

Fenton Friday: Turnip the Heat!

This week at my community garden plot at the corner of Fenton and Rt. 410 in downtown Silver Spring, MD, the heat moved in. We had one wonderful overnight rain, but otherwise dry, windy, and hot. Surprisingly though my broccoli (which I meant to pull out weeks ago) is still producing nice little heads and my lettuce has yet to bolt. My sugarsnap peas though are looking pretty fried. The strawberry harvest has ended too.

'Danvers' Carrot
The 'Danvers' carrots and 'Purple Top" turnips are getting a nice size on them.I plucked a few early 'Sungold' tomatoes, sorry, no photo, too yummy to wait for a camera.

Lettuce mix
I harvested all the garlic as few days ago. Last fall, I cut way back on how many cloves I planted, but I still have over 20 heads and some of them are as big as baseballs. A few are puny though, guess I will eat those first and save one of the bug guys for planting again this fall. They are all now curing in my sunroom and the cats are taking turns chewing on the brown-tipped foliage.

I'm terribly behind on all my gardening chores. I did manage to plant some green beans and a small cantaloupe. Maybe this weekend I will get a few hours to be able to get everything else in and the rest of the plot weeded and tidy.

How is your edible garden growing?

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