Friday, June 13, 2014

Fenton Friday: Is THAT my plot?

Have you ever had one of those "Is that MY garden!?!" moments? Well, I had one when arriving at my community garden plot this week. I rounded the corner and had to stop in my tracks to figure out which plot was mine. I was so disoriented! It seems our plots have gone from little scraggly rows of seedlings to booming jungles of green overnight. All the heavy rains we have gotten of late have definitely made the plots burst with activity.

The strawberries and peas have started to peter out. Lots of salad greens still and today I cut a handful of garlic scapes.

I also harvested several small heads of broccoli. I was supposed to have yanked that out a few weeks back and planted the tomatoes in that spot, but never got a chance to do so between my busy schedules and the daily rains. Procrastination pays though as this is the third harvest of broccoli I have gotten from the plants.

How is your edible garden growing?


  1. Can you tell me more about the plot number sign?
    Is that a DIY project or are they manufactured numbers?

  2. Hi Matt - The plot # signs were provided by Montgomery Parks -- the wooden stick you see there was a failure and is now replaced with a plastic one.

  3. HI - I asked the parks' folks and this was their reply:
    "Okay, we’re not sure, but I can make an educated guess. The numbers were definitely made by the Parks Design Shop or by a local company on behalf of Parks. And if I were to stretch that guess—I’d call The Sign Shop in Wheaton and talk to Steve. Address is 11244 Georgia Ave, Wheaton, MD 20902 and phone 301-946-6710. And if Steve didn’t make them, I’m sure he could……

    I hope that helps!

    Pat Lynch

    Community Garden Coordinator

    M-NCPPC, Montgomery Parks"


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