Friday, June 15, 2012

Fenton Friday: My First Carrot!

Pepper forming on 'Mini-Bell'
sweet pepper plant
A lot of changes in my community garden plot this week. Put in several tomato and pepper plants. Added 3 orphan strawberry plants left by the cistern. I moved the basil together to where the radishes had been.

Lettuce forming nice clumps

Lettuce has not bolted yet (yay) and I'm cutting that daily to eat and to give away. Potato plants are getting chewed on by something, but not too badly. Garlic is almost ready to pull, but will give it a week or so more.

'Little Finger' carrot next
to my pinkie finger
I had not been paying much attention to my short rows of 'Little Finger' carrots, except to occasionally water and thin them. Today, I noticed one had its "shoulders" above the soil so I gave it a good yank and was surprised to see an already full-grown carrot! Never had any luck with carrots before. I think the raised beds and picking a short/dwarf variety was the key. I ate it right there -- tasted carrot-y sweet with a bit of a kick at the end a la radish! Will check on and harvest others as I see their tops surfacing. 


  1. Little fingers are our favorite carrot! Try growing them in the fall, the are super delicious once the ground freezes and they sweeten up!!

  2. What fun to get the pleasant surprise of carrots that are ready for eating. :D Sounds like your garden is producing and growing well.

  3. looks like your garden is coming right along; what cute carrots!

  4. Thank you for stopping by Stoney Acres, KitsapFG, and Mary Hysong! :-) Ate some more carrots this week and am definitely planning on planting more this fall for a sweeter experience when the weather turns cold.


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