Friday, June 01, 2012

Fenton Friday: Community Coming Together

This week has more harvesting of radish, peas and lettuce from my plot, but being a holiday weekend (Memorial Day) we finally got a chance to gather many of the community gardeners for a group event.

We learned about new developments (a real compost bin system is coming - yay!), discussed cistern-filling schedules, weeded some common areas, and most importantly shared food and fellowship.

We also got cracking on the shared herb-flower garden in the lower corner. I contributed some weed-block fabric and that made fast work of covering up some of the nastier weeds without back-breaking work. We mulched over that and moved the herbs out to a V-shape along the garden's border/sides. I came back later and set up a seating area complete with vase of flowers and reading materials.

One gardener is contributing more old bricks to complete the herb-flower garden edging and a folding umbrella for shade over the seating. I hope this will make it a more inviting and attractive space, both for those in the community garden to hang out longer, but also for passersby to see that not all community gardens are just about food production and can also be a place of beauty, rest, and connection.

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