Friday, October 28, 2011

Fenton Friday: Still More to Harvest

Frost/freeze warnings last night and snow(!) predicted for this weekend, caused me to run over to my plot at the Fenton Community Garden and see what I could salvage before the cold moved in. I was surprised at how much is still there. I picked ripe tomatoes, tomatillos, and an eggplant.

I also cut down my okra and it is a bit too woody for eating, so I placed them on a screen in my unheated sun room to dry out. I want to save seeds and also use them for craft projects. (Spoiler alert: Everyone is getting an okra Santa ornament for Christmas this year!) I'll also be sending some up to NY for my crafty, garden writer friend Ellen Spector Platt. She requested some for her dried arrangements.

Then I remembered I still had two rows of German Butterball potatoes (three mounds each) that I had not dug up yet. I unearthed one mound and found those gorgeous little tubers. Guess what's for dinner tonight? I'm going to leave the rest in the ground for a bit until I do the full garden clean-out.


  1. Those are some good looking spuds, Kathy. I picked all the green peppers, marigolds, and lots of nasturtiums. Apparently the few nasturtium plants that made it thru the heat wave, the hurricane, and the floods had a wonderful fall season with loads of flowers!

  2. Good idea for celebrating Christmas with dried arrangements.


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