Friday, August 12, 2011

Fenton Friday: Harvest Bounty

This is the first week at my Fenton Street Community Garden plot that I feel like I'm actually starting to see some decent returns. Pictured here is a cucumber, 'Snow Leopard' honeydew melon, and some okra. I also picked lots of ground cherries, a couple tomatillos, more okra, and some cherry tomatoes.

Where I dug out the 'Banana Fingerling' potatoes last week, I have put in a 'Jim Jam' mix of Autumn gourds and squash -- funky shapes, mini pumpkins, and odd colors. I'm optimistically thinking I'll have something from that planting for Halloween decor, but more likely I'll be able to use some for Thanksgiving.

Also this week I gave in and bought fish emulsion. The smell is revolting and the thought of how they process the fish to make the stuff, really turns my stomach, but everyone in our garden who has gorgeous tomato plants swears by it. So I'm holding my nose and adding  a couple capfuls when I water.

'Snow Leopard' honeydew melon
Here is a photo of the 'Snow Leopard' honeydew melon cut up and ready to eat. The rind is very thin and the same color as the flesh. I'm enjoying a couple slices now. It is definitely a milder, more delicate flavor than the classic green honeydew. I have a second melon on the vine just about to be ripe and several small babies. I highly recommend growing it, if you have the space. It has sprawled in every direction and I guide it back constantly. The one plant still covers a good 4.5 ft wide by 10 ft long. BTW, you know who else loves this melon? My little cat, Versace! I give him tiny pieces off my slice and he begs for more.

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