Monday, November 29, 2010

Washington Gardener Named to Best Garden Blogs

In all the USNA azalea flap this past week, I neglected to share the great news of being named Blog of the Day at the new Best Garden Blogs web site. is the invention of the tireless Anna Flowergardengirl, a North Carolina gardener and blogger extraordinaire. Anna says her goal is to list the best quality garden blog sites. She carefully screens each entry and I can already see I'm in great company!

In other news, I've done a couple guest blogs recently. One was for Behnke Nurseries' revamped blog being edited by Susan Harris of GardenRant fame. My guest blog there is on Container Gardening for Fall/Winter see the link here.

The other recent guest blog was for the Metro DC Lawn and Garden Blog, It is on Collecting and Swapping Seeds and our upcoming Washington Gardener Magazine Seed Exchanges. Read the post here.

BTW, I am always looking for local Mid-Atlantic region gardeners to do guest blogs here at the Washington Gardener Magazine blog on all things related to our area's gardening scene. Drop me a note, if you have a guest blog idea.


  1. Thank you! is a huge hit thanks to you--and others who have worked so hard to make a name for yourselves and this post just concretes that message. Look at all the gardens you touch with that talented mind of yours. I am loving you for every bit of it.

  2. Congratulations! I think your blog is great and now that we've almost finished the inside of our house, I'm going to be paying more attention to the outside and I know your blog will be extremely helpful.

    I had a question about the dig-free bed that you can start in the fall with the mulch, straw, and newspaper "lasagne" that you showed how to do on a video. Is it too late or too cold to do that now? I'm might not get to it this year at all, but should I even be thinking about it at this point in the season? How late is too late for that project?

  3. Thanks, Anna Looper!

    Hi Cyndy - this is the perect time to get a new bed started by lasanga or layer gardening. as long as the ground is not frozen, you are good.

  4. Congrats on being named to Best Garden Blogs! I love being able to keep up with all the garden news on your blog!

  5. Hey, Thanks for share best info.. really Great post. You and your garden looked so serene. I like their plans to grow the trees. I redbud trees growing in the garden around the mature redbud tree!!!

    Rhododendron Azaleas


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