Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Art of Cookery

Riversdale Mansion's 2nd annual Art of Cookery evening last Saturday was divine. If you are a local foodie and weren't there, you missed out. Big time. I don't cook. (There I blogged it, now deal with it.) I DO bake though and grow food and eat food, so I think I can comment safely on the "art" portion of the evening. The hosts thought of everything from a tent for the garden reception (and how often I have attended outdoor events that did not bother to provide guests with some shade!) to printing the Federal-era recipes in the program to goody bags full of items grown on the growns (horse radish, pears, and red garlic). You know it is a successful food evening when the guests fall silent in rapture as they consume their dinner and then recount similar food ecstasy experiences. For my part, I left stuffed to the gills and plotting how I could squeeze more space out of my garden to plant ground cherries and gooseberries next year.

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