Monday, August 02, 2010

3rd Annual Tomato Tasting: Wear a Bib!

YOU are invited to

Washington Gardener Magazine’s 3rd Annual Tomato Tasting

Saturday, August 28; 10:00am-12:00noon*
Sample the multitude of tomatoes at market and vote on your favorites. Stop by for tomato recipes, growing tips, and much more...


FreshFarm Market in Downtown Silver Spring, MD

(on Ellsworth Drive between Fenton Street and Georgia Avenue)

Last year, in a clear lapse of common sense, I wore a nice dress and got splattered while cutting a juicy cherry tomato, My advice, to Tomato Tasters: Wear a bib!

A new benefit this year is we will be right next to the Montgomery County Master Gardener's booth. So if you have any questions about late blight, squash borer, etc., these are the gals and gents to ask in person. BTW, it REALLY helps them if you bring a photo or cutting of your problem plant to show them.
*Note that the market hours are longer than our tasting hours. No early tasting is allowed and we do clear out at Noon sharp.


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  2. HI Mike - will contact you directly off-blog. - Kathy


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