Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Georgie Boy

Our current issue has a cover story on horticultural careers. This has gotten great reactions and apparently is widely read as we got contacted yesterday by the George Washington University landscape design program. They said they'd gotten some great referrals from it as they are very favorably mentioned and would like to reprint it in their student inquiry kits as well as put a link on their web site. So here is the link and here is another they did. I thought this was only appropriate as Washington Gardener, while not directly named after George himself, is indirectly named for him -- as it is named for the city which is named after him.

NOT after Washington state, I might add for the few blog readers out there who are West Coast oriented or just wishful thinkers. If you are in the Washington state area, there is a regional gardening publication for you - Northwest Garden News. It is based out of Seattle and a really nice resource for the Pacific Northwest.

Anyway, back to OUR Washington. We've done a daytrip column to River Farm and somewhat touched on his farming/agricultural interest. I'm saving a daytrip column to Mount Vernon until a later date as it is so well-known and something we can do at most any point while smaller, lesser known sites can get the attention while each is in season and timely. If I get the advertising income up, I can add pages and then add a column idea I've had for profiling long-gone gardeners significant to the local scene. Currently, we only profile live, active area gardeners. Washington, of course, would be a top candidate for this new 'influential gardeners in our past' series.

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