Monday, November 20, 2006

#1 on my Christmas List

Leave it up to my peeps in Germany to come up with the ultimate toy for gardeners.

One nursery professional pub, The Weekly Dirt, reports: "The Garden Center features plants, garden accessories and potted flowers that can be watered. The product line also includes a greenhouse, plant beds with shed, gardener with tractor, a flower shop and flower delivery van."

I think the best part about playing garden center has to be that the pots contain "growing and wilting flowers" - somebody knows their stuff! From the linked TV spot it appears you can grow seeds - or at least pretend to - which is just as fun.

Clearly this was made for adults and not kids. This certainly is for the OCD among us who want to not only control our own gardens at the micro level, but dream about controlling our local garden centers as well! What this needs to come with are Excel spreadsheets and wholesale ordering catalogs so we can design our custom inventory mix. Mine will be heavy on purple and black plants this year. What about yours?


  1. Anonymous4:11 PM

    If you really wanted complete control of the imaginary gardening experience, the toy set could come with a pale blue toga so that you could be a weather goddess and make sure all the plants got enough rain and sunshine. And of course if the garden center manager didn't stock enough black and purple plants - it's tornado time.

  2. I have triedto update the blog for the past week but BLOGGER has it 'on hold' for spam review - no explanation - nor reply - nada. So I ask daily - and await my ability to pst new blog entries again.


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