Thursday, October 19, 2006

We Can Be Heroes

Washington Gardener magazine has been added to the Magazine Heroes List. Basically that means we use recycled papers for our printing and other Earth-friendly practices. We have been from our inception, but this makes it "official." Aside from recycled papers I try to cut back on paper use in general by keeping most correspondence online and most records on my computer (along with a separate back-up hard drive). I still feel like I'm drowning in paper though and feel that a "paper-less" office is just not realistic. Other ways we try to save the Earth's resource like using public transpiration and then there is our magazine content itself: promoting gardening and green living! Got more Earth-friendly ideas? Feel free to share them here.

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  1. Helping the earth tip: Instead of buying those plastic cells (that only add to the landfills and take thousands of years to break down) to start seeds in spring, try making your own newspaper starter pots. I've experimented and found you can use just about any kind of paper you want to recycle-except glossy. You can plant your seedlings directly in the ground in them without disturbing their roots, and it breaks down very quickly. Besides, whats better than free? 2 different versions:

  2. Terrific! I sometimes used egg cartons - but my recycling lately has just been to use my big plastic pots.


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