Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bulb-ing Over

I referred to this in passing in our Oct. 2 blog - but wanted to left everyone know of our extensive article on bulbs featured in the October issue of Washington Woman monthly magazine. You can pick up a copy for free at many local stores, such as Whole Foods, as well as libraries, local community events, etc. They did a nice plug for the magazine at the end of the piece as article payment and we plan on working more with them next year.

The bulb planting article includes a full-page side piece I did on bulb forcing. This is a subject I get asked about a lot and it is one of my favorite gardening things to do. Mostly because I hate winter and anything that bring a bit of spring inside in the dreaded Jan-Feb timeframe is welcomed by me. Moreover, bulb forcing is so easy and almost a no-brainer. It also takes care of any extra bulbs you may not be able to get plant outside for whatever reason (lack of time, room, etc.). Plus, forced bulbs make the perfect gift. And even those who object to receiving cut (dead) flowers, can have nothing bad to say about a living bulb that can be transplanted outside and come back for years to remind one of the gift-giver.

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