Bloom Day Bounty

Virginia Bluebells
Virginia Bluebells
It is Garden Blogger's Bloom Day again! On the 15th of each month, we gardeners with blogs share a few bloom photos from our gardens. 

Here in the Mid-Atlantic USA (USDA zone 7) on the DC-MD border, we had a continuation of winter until two days ago when spring sprung out and the birds sang and pollen rained down - now it is back to March weather today.

In my garden, I have a multitude of blooms. The Saucer Magnolia has dropped all its petals and the early Lilacs are just budding up. Here is my list of what is in flower today:

- Viola
- Violets
- Alyssum
- Scilla
- Veronica
- Hellebores
- Grape Hyacinth (Muscari)
- Daffodils
- Tulips
- Forsythia
- Virginia Bluebells
Spring Snowflake (Leucojum vernum)
- Weeping 'Higan' Cherry tree
- Redbud tree
- Peach 'White Column' tree
- Flowering Almond shrub
- PJM Rhododendrons

Looking at last year's Bloom Day list though, I believe we are about two weeks behind schedule.

So what is blooming today in YOUR garden?


Beautiful bluebells!
Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!
Jeannie said…
I love your bluebells they are so! Truly blue blooms seem to be rare, which makes them all the more beautiful.

Thanks for sharing on GBBD.

Thanks, Lea and Jeannie!
It wouldn't be spring without Virginia Bluebells!
Happy GBBD!
John said…
Well Kathy, I would say that it's at least two weeks! You need to come visit the Bluebells at Monocacy battlefield park. They love a river environment.
Thanks. John, yes - the VA Bluebells love the wet stream-valley locations and near bodies of water. It has been a while since I've been to Monocacy, will try to get over there.

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