Spring has Sprung for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Siberian Squill (Scilla siberica)


Hellebore 'Pink Frost'


Daffodils 'February Gold'


It is Garden Blogger's Bloom Day again! On the 15th of each month, we gardeners with blogs share a few bloom photos from our gardens. Here is the Mid-Atlantic USA (USDA zone 7) on the DC-MD border, spring was sprung a few weeks early! We had two horrible back-to-back winters and then survived the 3+ feet of snow of this winter's blizzard, so we deserve it!

My Crocus are already done and the Snowdrops are ending too. The many varieties of Daffodils, Hyacinths, Primrose, Hellebore are blooming along with all the other minor bulbs I've planted over the years are jumping up. I've share pics of a few of them above. The Forsythia are started while the Heather and Winter Jasmine keep plugging away. Any day now, the flowering trees will also pop open -- they include Redbud, Flowering Plum, Weeping Cherry, and Tulip Magnolia.

What's blooming in your garden as spring gets underway?


Lea said…
Very pretty!
Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!
Alana said…
In upstate New York, I'm already seeing crocuses, Siberian squill and snowdrops. My yard is a little behind but our crocuses and early daffodils have buds. We've had the opposite of your winter - we are so far behind on snow that you would hardly know this was upstate New York. Not that I'm complaining. Loved all your blooms.
Kate said…
Daffs, hellebores, pieris, sweet box going strong and the pulmonaria are starting. My crocuses didn't do much (I have them mixed in the lawn).
Lovely blooms! You are more advanced than us in Northeast Ohio! Lucky!
Thanks all for stopping by - may your St Patrick's Day be mild and your growing season be bountiful!

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