Fenton Friday: Frost Coming, No Body Panic

'Sun Gold' tomatoes
As you have likely seen in my last blog post, we have a frost/freeze warning for the region this weekend. That means will soon be draining the cistern at the Fenton Community Garden, so I went over today and filled up over a dozen kitty litter and milk gallon containers to have water on stand-by over the long winter as I hate lugging it from home.

My tomatoes, especially 'Sun Gold' apparently love these cool nights as the plants have taken off like crazy and are crowding out my pathways and I picked over 30 ripe tomatoes today and had harvested another couple dozen earlier this week. All those that were split or green I left behind. We shall see if the forecasts are correct, but until they actually get frost-bitten, I'm leaving the tomatoes and other summer crops in the ground.

In related news, garden writer wrote up a piece on community gardening for Parade online. Read it here. I supplied here with a few quotes about my experiences as a childhood community gardener and more recently at the Fenton Community Garden. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about other garden writer's experiences as well. And now I know where C.L. Fornari gets all her energy -- it is all those fresh-grown veggies!


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