Fenton Friday: Cool Enough for Kohlrabi

At my plot at the Fenton Community Garden, I lifted up my cover cloth to find a few surprises today. One, is that ONE Kohlrabi plant is shaping up nicely. The others fizzled out, but I think this one was shaded by nearby cosmos flowers so had some protection from last week's harsh sun. I also caught a spotted cucumber beetle climbing on it, I grabbed him real quick! He better not have told his friends.

Arugula aka Rocket
 Also under the cloth, my Arugula re-seeded. Hurray! Don't you just love free garden volunteers?

The radish and carrot seedlings are also popping up finally as well. I will have to thin them soon as, of course, the ones that germinate are all the ones clumped together rather than those more well-spaced out.

So, how is your edible garden growing this week?

carrot seedlings

radish seedling


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