Fenton Friday: Finally Rain!

Finally after almost five weeks with no rain, we were blessed yesterday by several storms and then evening downpours. It has been a weird year -- with a very wet, cool spring and early summer -- to have such dry and cool conditions for most of August. Though it is much better than last years' sizzling heat and lack of rain!

I finally got over to the Fenton Community Garden plot today to put my broccoli starts in (shown at left). I had purchased them several weeks ago at the local farmers' market and they are already showing insect damage and stress. I will try to go back over the weekend and put a cover cloth of some sort over them in hopes of warding off any more damage.

Also in my garden plot, the cherry tomatoes and red okra still keep going strong. I'm picking them every-other-day and sharing with everyone I can. My zinnias keep on blooming as well and I cut fresh bouquets weekly for placing beside all the sinks in my house. I encountered this pretty moth (below) on a zinnia still in bud who sat still for his photo portrait.

How is your garden growing this week?


Eric Raun said…
It looks like a male sachem butterfly on your zinnia.
Thanks for ID, Eric!

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