Fenton Friday: "Git R Done" Week

Taking advantage of the cooler temps after a huge storm last Friday, I finally was able to get a bunch of small things done in the community garden plot that I'd had on my To-Do list for several weeks including:
- weeded
- re-strung and re-set the border plots' border edge markers
- added a second layer of compost over the potatoes, which were starting to show above ground
- planted sweet potato slips
- planted small seedling cosmos
- planted nasturtium from seed
- added plant labels to anything that was missing one
- tied up the growing tomatoes and peppers
- started corn, watermelon, honeydew, pumpkin, and cantaloupe from seed
- planted okra, cucumber, and a few more tomato seedlings
I may be a bit late in the season for some of these tasks, but I figure in September I should have a real bountiful harvest! 

I have also been watering thoroughly and harvesting carrots and lettuce every day for evening salads and sharing with other gardeners

Now that it is HOT again (100+ temps expected today and through the weekend), I'm so glad I got all this done earlier in the week.


Casa Mariposa said…
Your storm completely went around us. Dry as a dino bone here. I'm growing sweet potatoes in pots this summer. I hope they do as well as yours. Your garden looks great. :o)
Thanks, Casa Mariposa, sorry to hear the storm missed you. Hoping we all get some good moisture soon. Good luck with sweet potatoes in pots. I bet they turn out great. I'm growing Beauregard and All-Purple varieties.

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