Video Wednesday: Cherry Blossom Peak Prediction

I share my video with you so you too can experience the thrill of attending a live press conference and straining to hear the featured presentation. This took place March 3 at the cavernous Newseum, I was not 10 feet from the speaker podium and still could not make out what in the dickens Rob DeFeo, Chief Horticulturalist, National Park Service, was mumbling about. Bless his heart, really, it was like he spoke everywhere BUT directly into the microphone. After his official statement here, he had to be brought back to the podium and asked to repeat the exact bloom dates so we could all have it down right. Comparing notes around me, we all heard March 29 to April 2 or April 7. Turns out, what he actually said was March 29-April 3. Enjoy the National Cherry Blossom Festival in person in just a few weeks.


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