Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day: Almost Spring!

Here are my blooms for mid-March 2011 Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day in Zone 7 DC/MD border -- much nicer than last year's post-blizzard bleakness. (As always, click on the photo to see it at original size and detail.)

Not pictured, but blooming away here: forsythia and winter jasmine.
So what is blooming in your garden?


Dutch iris





More Hellebore


Hartwood Roses said…
Photographing hellebores is really challenging ... you almost have to stand on your head to get a good shot. I was doing it yesterday, along with daffodil portraits, sitting on the damp ground trying not to get too wet in the process. Isn't it wonderful to finally see the end of winter!!!
Hartwood - yes, to the end of winter! And yes, hellebores can be tough to photograph - I put mine on a slight slope just to get a better view when I pass them.

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