First Daffodils of the Season

My 'February Gold' daffodils are oh, about a week, or so late. Still, I'm happy to see them! Daffodils are wonderfully reliable. They are deer-proof (poisonous), not as prone to bulb rot (like the more picky tulips), can grow under the deep shade of evergreens, and multiply on their own. What is not to love? If you plan it right by planting early, mid, and late-blooming varities, you can get a good 10-12 weeks of bloom from them over the late winter-early spring season here in the Mid-Atlantic.

Over the years I've added many varieties of daffodils to my garden. No overall scheme to it, no rhyme or reason. I just buy what I like and find a space for to squeeze them in.

One year I saw 'Tete-a-Tete' coming up along a park hill-side in Georgetown -- so cute, tiny plants with multiple blooms. I bought several dozen and put them along my back fence.

Another year, I visited Brent and Becky Heath at their bulb headquarters in Gloucester, VA, and marveled at 'Katie Heath,' named after Brent's mother. It has a double-head (two blooms) on each stalk. It is white with a pale apricot trumpet. Best of all it is good at naturalizing (spreading by seed and clump). I had to have it.

Some of my other favorite daffs are 'Actea,' 'Thalia,' 'Winston Churchill,' 'Ice Follies,' and 'Mt Hood.' I'm partial myself to the white-green end of the color spectrum, but certainly have my share of true yellows like 'King Alfred' and 'JetFire' in my garden also.

What daffodils are blooming in your garden?


these look lovely sure sign spring is peeking round the corner
Tyla Mac said…
We've had an unusually cold winter in Alabama along with the rest of the eastern U.S. so most of my daffodils are a couple of weeks late this year. Blooming right now are Ice Follies, Minnow,Bridal Crown,Quail,Thalia,Cheerfulness and Orange Phoenix. Late blooming jonquils,Geranium and Sir Winston will bloom in April to finish out the season.My February Golds didn't bloom this year so I really enjoyed seeing yours.

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