Battling a Pesky Foe: The Weed Warriors

Listen to the WAMU Metro Connection segment here: Battling a Pesky Foe: The Weed Warriors

Montgomery County, Md., launched the nation's first "Weed Warriors" program in the late 1990s: a group of volunteers certified to fight invasive plant species in area parks. Rebecca Sheir heads to Wheaton Regional Park with Weed Warriors founder Carole Bergmann and certified Weed Warrior Kathy Jentz, to hear about the group's latest struggles battling such a tricky foe. [Music: "Warrior" by Patty Smyth/Scandal from Greatest Hits]

Don't forget to also check our the photo gallery here that goes with the story. Carole Bergmann and WAMU Metro Connection producer Rebecca Sheir are pictured here at Wheaton Regional Park.


Karen said…
Feel like I'm always fighting off weeds here in California. Been looking through article to see what works best. I found some good tips here

I hope they help.

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