A Cherry-Pink Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Sharing a new acquisition for this month's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. It is Chrysanthemum 'Sozan' -- an anemone mum that is a bright, cherry-pink. It is tall and flops, but looks good trailing from a hanging basket. I won two of these plants at the raflle during the Friends of Brookside Garden's annual meeting a few weekends ago. As it is only semi-hardy to our region, they may not survive and I'll just enjoy them for their beauty this season. Since I have two plants, I'll try planting them in two different spots and see how they winter over.

Also blooming away still in the November garden are: Meidiland and Mutabilis roses, Sheffield Pink mums, impatiens, petunias, zinnias, Encore azaleas, Montauk daisies, nemesia, geraniums, many grasses, and tons of drying hydrangea heads.

What is blooming in your garden right now?


RBell said…
That Chrysanthemum 'Sozan' looks like a keeper; very nice color.
Hartwood Roses said…
Some of the roses are standing strong here, too. Mutabilis is a beauty, isn't it?
Oh, I just love that colour!
Thank you all for stopping by on bloom day :-)

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