A Winning Smile

Judging at the DC State Fair last Saturday afternoon was a hoot. Washington Gardener Magazine sponsored the Biggest Vegetable categories and being a first time event on a busy (understatement of the year!) weekend in DC, we had no idea what would should up as far as entries. When I arrived for the judging time, only a few veggies had been entered and none in the container-grown category, so a quick pow-wow with IndoorGardener later, we decided on two categories of "Big" -- length and weight. One of the crowd wanted a girth category too, but we demured. For length, a tape measure from stem to stern, but NOT including the stem, was the deciding factor. For weight, we had a bathroom scale and one of the organizers got on the scale pre-vegetable to establish the starting weight, then she got back on one at a time with each entrant veggies. Brave girl indeed! After some quick math, the heaviest veggie was determined. Pictured here is our 3rd place winner in the length category, a charming purple okra. First place winners in both "Big" categories received a year's subscription to Washington Gardener Magazine. The full winners' lists and more photos will soon by up on the DC State Fair web site.


Audrey C. said…
This is our son Pete with his Heirloom Burgundy Okra!

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