The Accidental Gardener

The gardening life is full of happy accidents. Like the plant that self-seeds in a new area of your garden and creates a  lovely color contrast that you never would have imagined on your own. Or the the perennial that exceeds its stated mature size and now fills in an empty gap in your back border.

For me, a new happy accident often happens out of garden laziness or rather too-busyness doing everything but getting out in the garden. For months, I walked over and past a sprawling Sweet Autumn Clematis that I had planted by a street sign in my front yard. Last year, I trained and tied it up the sign pole. This year, the ties broke and I just never got around to putting it back in place. The other day, I rounded the corner and saw that letting it go on the ground had created this gorgeous combination of the Sweet Autumn Clematis winding through a bed Black-Eyed Susans. Talk about low-maintenance, I have done absolutely nothing this year on this 5x10 foot slope! Neither overwhelms the other and both plants are hitting their bloom peak at the same time. I could not have planned it better if I had tried.


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