Washington Gardener Sheds Light on Your Garden

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Washington Gardener Sheds Light on Your Garden
– Outdoor Lighting Essentials

At this time of year, gardeners across the DC-area wake up in the dark and get home from work well past dusk. Even though the temperatures may still be pleasant, they cannot enjoy their leisure time in their gardens in the pitch black. From solar fixtures to fire pits, the many options for bringing light into your landscape are outlined in the new November/December ’08 issue cover story of Washington Gardener Magazine.

Washington Gardener Magazine’s November/December 2008 issue is jam-packed full of terrific timely articles for gardeners in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Inside it is:
· Holiday Gifts for Gardeners
· How to Prune Fruiting Trees, Shrubs, and Vines
· 5 Top Tips for Overwintering Tender Bulbs
· Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick
· Is Your Bird Feeder Really a Weed Seeder?
· Emerald Ash Borer: A Serious Threat
· A Daytrip to Tudor Place
· Should You Plant Your Lilies in Fall
· Bringing Nature Home with Doug Tallamy
· HortHappenings: Latest Local Green Industry Events
· Outdoor Lighting Essentials
· And much, much more.

Washington Gardener magazine (http://www.washingtongardener.com/) is the gardening publication specifically for the local metro area — zones 6-7 — Washington DC and its suburbs. Washington Gardener magazine’s basic mission is to help DC area gardens grow better. The magazine is written entirely by local area gardeners. The content of the magazine gives real examples that residents of the greater DC region can use immediately in your own garden.

Washington Gardener is a local, independent, and woman-owned business based in Silver Spring, MD. The publication is dedicated to promoting the best practices for area gardening.

To subscribe to our magazine: Send a check for $20.00 payable to Washington Gardener magazine to: Washington Gardener, 826 Philadelphia Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20910 OR click on the “subscription” link at http://www.washingtongardener.com/ to subscribe online using a secure credit card transaction.


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