Ode to a Gray Squirrel

Oh, little gray one. I found your lifeless body - stiff and bloated - in back of my gazebo. You and your brethren stole tomatoes, chewed through all my pumpkins, and tore out flower bulbs by the dozens. I wished you ill, but never wished you death.

Oh, furry one, how did you pass on? Was it the stray cats? A neighbor's rat poison? Perhaps a deadly duel with a rival mate? I'll never know, but Chantilly and I will miss your happy-go-lucky antics and flirting tail. RIP, little gray one.

(Out of respect for the deceased, no photos to share today.)


Sue said…
I found you through GBBD, and had to comment on this one first. I have a love/hate relationship with the squirrels in my/their yard. Once, when I saw a dead one in the street, I couldn't decide if I was glad or sad, but it either wasn't the one from our yard, or other squirrels moved in on its territory. (I have squirrel pics on different posts in my blog if you miss yours enough to look.)
Thanks for stopping by Sue. Fortunately (or not) this squirrel had many family members here - both gray and black - for my cat's amusement and my antipathy. Though after this particular squirrel's passing they have not been around as much -- I'm really beginning to suspect poison as I do have several neighbhors who complain about the creatures getting into their attics and walls of their houses.

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