MonkeySee, Monkey Do

Being born in the Year of the Monkey 1968, it was a natural thing to hook up with for a set of instructional online videos on gardening. This set is on Preparing your Vegetable Garden for Winter. Here is the link:

We filmed all these segments in one long day and you might notice my clothes getting dirtier as the day wears on. You may also note when I've just ingested and sugar or when I sorely need some.

In addition to my clips, features three other local gardeners that I know personally and have blogged about before Susan Harris, Ed Bruske, and Mitch Baker. All of these are great to check out -- none are longer than your average TV commercial break.


rache said…
Very nice! I really like these. Clear, simple. Do you have plans for more?
Thanks - we do plan more, but none set for the immediate future. I'll post here as soon as new ones are up.

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